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Cloud Assessment

Cloud assessment services we provide will help you to determine which workloads are ready to move to the cloud and give you the proper roadmap to optimize the process of cloud migration.

Cloud optimisation

Did you know that many enterprises use the budget for cloud services irrationally? Learn how our cloud optimization services can save your money.

Cloud Implementation

Today, every growing enterprise chooses cloud infrastructure. And what about you? Learn about our cloud implementation services to understand what benefits they will bring to your business.


Cloud Migration Service

Need a trusted cloud migration service provider to transfer your digital solution into the cloud? Learn more about what is included in our migration package.


Cloud Architecture Design

If you are going to transfer your digital infrastructure into a scalable and resistant environment, the cloud will be a perfect option for you. Learn about cloud computing architecture services we provide.

Cloud Security Assessment

Our cloud security assessment services include an evaluation of the current organization’s cloud infrastructure to ensure your business is stable to different security risks and threats.

AWS Consulting

The AWS Consulting Services’ purpose from Bionicfox LTD is to help your company plan infrastructure migration to their cloud platform, develop and implement applications based on AWS. Our specialists guarantee the best service package for your business, which is not available from other providers.

Technology Advisory Services

Do you plan to change the old technology stack that supports your system, or build it from scratch, but don’t know which tools to choose? Our experts will help you with this!

Application Modernisation Services

Apps are already an integral part of the business, but the market is rapidly evolving and many annexes are becoming obsolete. It depends on constantly emerging market demands that your business cannot meet due to technology mismatch. Application Modernisation Services from Bionicfox LTD assist you to change applications the right way with the proper cloud-based approach.

Infrastructure Audit

Are you sure that all software and hardware resources in your enterprise function and interact with each other optimally? Our IT infrastructure audit service will help you to answer this question!

Managed IT service provider

Need to improve your managed IT services? DevOps is an ideal solution for companies that implement changes to their product frequently. Contact our experts and we’ll help find a solution!

Enterprise Architecture Services

If you plan to change your current digital architecture for your business, first, you should ask for specialists’ advice. Read about enterprise architecture consulting services we offer.

Infrastructure & Architecture design

Proper digital architecture design plays an important role in business development. Learn how our IT infrastructure design services can improve your business.

Infrastructure management services

Looking for specialists who provide infrastructure management services remotely? Get a full range of services for managing your IT capacities from first-class specialists.

Managed Kubernetes Services

The relatively new AWS Kubernetes managed service technology aims to fully automate the deployment, management, and development of container-based applications. Bionicfox LTD services improve support for your company’s business goals. Using EKS allows you to quickly simplify your container infrastructure and migration.


Kubernetes Enterprise Support

Are your enterprise applications keeping pace with containerization tendencies? Our teams plan and automate container and network deployments to increase agility and availability. It is where Kubernetes enterprise support becomes a must, and Bionicfox LTD professionals prove the value of the services provided for your business.

IT security audit

Without creating a personal security system, it is difficult for a company to compete. With more than 10 years of experience, our team has analyzed many reasons for non-compliance with security concepts. Our security audit company identifies gaps and weaknesses in current operating procedures.

MSSP for IT security services

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Disaster recovery as a services - DRaaS

Are you sure about the disaster recovery methods for your infrastructure? Bionicfox LTD professionally specializes in confirming the data integrity and monitoring its security. Our team provides not just backup, but professional recovery models.

DevOps in Bulgaria

Find your local specialist. Enquire a quote for your project right now.

DevOps in Netherlands

Find your local specialist. Enquire a quote for your project right now.

DevOps in USA

Find your local specialist. Enquire a quote for your project right now.

DevOps in UK

Find your local specialist. Enquire a quote for your project right now.


DevOps in Healthcare

Do you want to automate manual processes? The medical field is just actively moving to DevOps use due to rare updates and a large percentage of manual operations. Using DevOps services from Bionicfox LTD allow your organisation to automate workflows and reduce update time. Also, the software is highly scalable due to changes in clients’ number.

DevOps in Finance

Don’t know how to automate software processes in IT and the financial industry? Experienced Bionicfox LTD specialists apply the DevOps method and this practice ensures uninterrupted service to financial clients. Our financial services enable flexible infrastructure and development and operation methods. We work in a test environment and with the involvement of your DevOps team.

DevOps in Automotive Ind.

Do you want to optimize innovation and increase customer confidence? Bionicfox LTD is involved in software innovation and DevOps methodology, which wins customers’ trust. Automotive DevOps and CI/CD processes allow manufacturing to accelerate the release of safe products. The process of improving software development reduces the time to market and achieve first-class performance.

DevOps in Media & Entr.

Yes! That’s right. DevOps in the media and entertainment industry. The industry is actively moving to DevOps in need to improve workflow, compress files  and secure information on their cloud or storage.

Managed IT support service

Looking for professionals for your digital infrastructure? Run over this comprehensive review and learn more about the main benefits that you’ll get when dealing with DevOp experts.


Infrastructure support service

Need to maintain an existing IT infrastructure at your enterprise? Learn about what infrastructure support services we provide and see for yourself how we will improve your business.

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