AWS Consulting Services

AWS is an extremely dependable cloud platform. It proposes a broad diapason of products, inclusive storage, information delivery, and computing output. It is a heading supplier that occupies a significant market section. The purpose of AWS consulting services is to support you in planning the transfer of information to their cloud structure, developing and realising annexes based on their platform, and avoiding unnecessary costs for the elaboration and rental of cloud systems.

AWS Consulting

AWS Tools we use

Our specialists have accomplished a workflow optimization tactic and are seamlessly stepping in to help through the execution of infrastructure existing on the server. Our AWS consulting company serverless organisation of the system, which determines its structure, and uninterrupted integration and supply. This is possible through the use of the best technologies in their field.


Why Amazon AWS

Amazon grants a superior multiplicity of products, and Bionicfox, as AWS consulting and technology partner, assure you with the prime package for your business, which other cloud suppliers do not have. The roster of services is growing promptly and we merely indicate the most basic and considerable ones. When functioning with you in detail, our specialists select them specifically for your enterprise.



With a rich complement of tools, companies detect extremely productive computing that corresponds to both requirements and expenses. EC2 is proposed, which simplifies calculations and precludes crashes. Another tool permits you to expend resources on interpellation without harming profitability. We as AWS consulting partner explore your company and recommend the appropriate kind of calculation therewith to help with the subsequent prediction required services by proceeding with your processes.

Repository and data warehouse

The storage may also be expanded according to your requirements. You are offered this format of keeping and a guarantee of payment solely upon utilizing. You have admission to an archive repository method and also the ability of a local program to preserve data in the cloud. It simplifies the configuration and governance of data banks' information. They operate more dependably and are more productive.

Transition to the cloud

Our services guarantee information integrity and seamless transfer to the AWS platform from any source location. It doesn't matter where your data is kept, there is a verified transition process that assures a flowing transfer and constant control of the process. We are a proficient AWS cloud consulting services enterprise with more than 10 years of experience that has evolved skills and personalised each transition to your demands.


Earlier we mentioned Amazon's attitude towards this aspect of the business. Compliance with the requirements of the fundamental elaboration is tendentious. Numerous security toolkits have been created to define the correctness and compliance with safety policies. AWS security consulting services apply verified customer admission, govern encryption and detecting of protected information through machine education.

Why choose us?

Benefits of AWS cloud

AWS overlords the cloud space and ranks among the top 4 enterprises in the world as they furnish prompt speeds, superior security, large agility, and forceful product diversity. Knowing all the benefits of utilising AWS consulting services lays out the toughness of this structure and its guarantee to meet the necessities of your organisation.

Let us do the work!

We would pick the best way to move your app on to the cloud and get up to speed with your competitors.

FAQ - Cloud Assessment

What is a cloud readiness assessment?

Cloud readiness assessment is the process of validating apps and data to define whether it can be transferred to the cloud with minimal disruption to ongoing operations. Helps remove the negative impact on business continuity. It helps you understand the steps for a smooth migration.

When do I need cloud assessment services?

When you want to completely outsource the process to a specialized company. These services are also essential if you want to delve deeper into a topic. Success requires a complete understanding of processes. To understand which infrastructure is more suitable: local or in the cloud.

Main risks of cloud assessment

Despite all the benefits, moving to the cloud still presents challenges. Often in cross-platform and multi-site structures, IT professionals find it difficult to make the transition to the cloud model painless and comfortable for business. Some application components stay on-premise, while others move to the cloud, creating a hybrid infrastructure. The problem becomes the effectiveness of managing fundamental changes in the creation, deployment and maintenance of applications. Here are the three main problems: Visibility of network operations is limited Malicious software Data loss

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