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Without creating a personal security system, it is troublesome for a company to compete. Timely audit use significantly reduces real and potential losses. This includes physical, material and image aspects. A point or aggregate assessment of compliance with safety rules is carried out. The IT security audit company determines the implementation effectiveness of security measures and determines the gaps and vulnerabilities location.


Technology Stacks we use

At the beginning of the use of cloud platforms, moments with the transfer of the infrastructure and its individual components are identified. To facilitate the migration, there is a list of services that help with the migration of almost any data.


Cloud Providers

We only stick to the best providers. AWS and Azure are our main choices.

DevOps Services Company | IT Outposts DevOps Services Company | IT Outposts
The value of use lies in providing affordable and scalable access to services and IT computing resources. Your company gains access to services such as infrastructure, platforms and software.

Containers and Orchestration

Docker and Kubernetes are the tools we use.

DevOps Services Company | IT Outposts DevOps Services Company | IT Outposts
These tools help streamline operations and reduce business costs, automate deployment, network impact, and improve security. It is planned to work on the basis of microservices in several clusters.


GoCD, Jenkins, GitHub, Bitbucket pipeline are tools we use to automate.

DevOps Services Company | IT OutpostsDevOps Services Company | IT Outposts
Helps to productively and fast deliver software. These tools will help alleviate and greatly speed up the process of getting projects to market. Provides a continuous flow of new functionality and supply code to production.

Configuration management

Ansible, Chef and Puppet. The leading tools on the market.

DevOps Services Company | IT Outposts DevOps Services Company | IT OutpostsDevOps Services Company | IT Outposts
These management tools help keep working computer systems, software, and servers in good working order. The process is necessary to make sure that the system works as supposed, taking into account modifications and updates.


MySQL,MongoDB,PostgresSQL, Percona, MariaDB and MS SQL.

DevOps Services Company | IT Outposts DevOps Services Company | IT Outposts
The value of tools is in creating the possibility of storing and accessing information. There is a systematic collection of data, they can be analyzed and their safety complies with all security policies.


RabbitMQ, Apache Kafka,Apache Cassandra,Redis, ELK stack and Memcached.

DevOps Services Company | IT Outposts DevOps Services Company | IT Outposts DevOps Services Company | IT Outposts
It will allow the synchronization of data between nodes and restore their states. Distributed database management, handles large amounts of information, and provides high availability without fail. Uses caching models.


Grafana,Prometheus,PagerDuty, Amazon Cloudwatch and Snyk.

DevOps Services Company | IT Outposts DevOps Services Company | IT Outposts
These processes permit your company to use an organized system for assembling, analyzing and utilizing information to monitor program development for management solution making.

Infrastructure Provisioning

Terraform, AWS Cloudformation and others

DevOps Services Company | IT OutpostsDevOps Services Company | IT Outposts
This setting helps to create, apply, administrate and automate infrastructure. These tools are needed when managing access to information and resources. This process is not a configuration step, but they are both necessary deployment steps.

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It is difficult for large-scale enterprises and constantly developing ones to independently ensure abidance with all safety standards. With more than 10 years of experience, we have analysed many reasons for non-compliance with safety concepts. Our security audit company identifies gaps and weaknesses in current operating procedures.

Basic security check

This service can be performed quarterly and is a valuable preliminary step to assessing compliance with safety regulations. We focus on management and planning, regulatory requirements, secure elaboration, and information safety controls. We grant a detailed report on the identified threats.

Expanded safety audit

Bionicfox team conducts a multi-stage analysis of your company. This is a great option for an annual full review to identify key weaknesses and risks. We cover the areas of governance, data security, training your employees, legal requirements, business continuity, incident management, etc.

Cloud security check

If your company works with cloud structures or is a SaaS developer, you need a guarantee of full infrastructure protection. Bionicfox audit of cloud hosting provides you with this warranty and advice on how to upgrade weaknesses and identify potential threats early.

Information security state assessment

For a clear understanding of the security level, we use criteria and standards. Our team compares the current safety rules implementation with established standards. Based on our expertise, we may make changes by installing additional software as required.

IT Security Audit Company Stages

Businesses require regular security checks of their systems to duly protect customers’ data. To identify non-compliance, our company creates a balanced plan for effective risk governance, which takes your company to a new comfortable management level. Organisations should always utilise security audit services, especially during major changes and rapid development.

Why choose us?

Check out the benefits of our service.

Using the services of the IT security audit company is more than a safety check. There are certain advantages to your business that most companies don’t realise once they’ve decided to audit. In addition to decreasing downtime and economy funds that you lose during an attack, you get the following benefits

Conduct regular security checks and gain a powerful competitive advantage

Bionicfox conducts basic and advanced audits for systematic security tests. Write to us to start working together.


What is the difference between IT Security Audit Company and other solutions?

IT security audit company is an external assessment of a company’s compliance with legal regulations set and the necessary guiding concepts. The remaining aspects are the preparatory stages of the safety evaluation or proactive estimation.

What is an IT Security Audit Company service?

This is a regular security status check of the company’s systems by measuring its compliance with the desired requirements kit. Estimation is made of safety practices that, if violated, can lead to cyberattacks.

What is an IT Security Audit Company used for?

The audit evaluates the vulnerability and provides the primary security flaws in your enterprise. Determine which system aspects meet safety standards and which do not. It is critical to develop a risk evaluation strategy and mitigation plans, especially for companies with sensitive information.

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