Managed IT Services

Outsourced managed IT services are remote management of the company and include continuous monitoring, business customisation, and workflow administration. These services are one of the primary technologies and nurture the level of infrastructure development of enterprises.



Technology Stacks we use

At the beginning of the use of cloud platforms, moments with the transfer of the infrastructure and its individual components are identified. To facilitate the migration, there is a list of services that help with the migration of almost any data.


Cloud Providers

We only stick to the best providers. AWS and Azure are our main choices.

DevOps Services Company | IT Outposts DevOps Services Company | IT Outposts
The value of use lies in providing affordable and scalable access to services and IT computing resources. Your company gains access to services such as infrastructure, platforms and software.

Containers and Orchestration

Docker and Kubernetes are the tools we use.

DevOps Services Company | IT Outposts DevOps Services Company | IT Outposts
These tools help streamline operations and reduce business costs, automate deployment, network impact, and improve security. It is planned to work on the basis of microservices in several clusters.


GoCD, Jenkins, GitHub, Bitbucket pipeline are tools we use to automate.

DevOps Services Company | IT OutpostsDevOps Services Company | IT Outposts
Helps to productively and fast deliver software. These tools will help alleviate and greatly speed up the process of getting projects to market. Provides a continuous flow of new functionality and supply code to production.

Configuration management

Ansible, Chef and Puppet. The leading tools on the market.

DevOps Services Company | IT Outposts DevOps Services Company | IT OutpostsDevOps Services Company | IT Outposts
These management tools help keep working computer systems, software, and servers in good working order. The process is necessary to make sure that the system works as supposed, taking into account modifications and updates.


MySQL,MongoDB,PostgresSQL, Percona, MariaDB and MS SQL.

DevOps Services Company | IT Outposts DevOps Services Company | IT Outposts
The value of tools is in creating the possibility of storing and accessing information. There is a systematic collection of data, they can be analyzed and their safety complies with all security policies.


RabbitMQ, Apache Kafka,Apache Cassandra,Redis, ELK stack and Memcached.

DevOps Services Company | IT Outposts DevOps Services Company | IT Outposts DevOps Services Company | IT Outposts
It will allow the synchronization of data between nodes and restore their states. Distributed database management, handles large amounts of information, and provides high availability without fail. Uses caching models.


Grafana,Prometheus,PagerDuty, Amazon Cloudwatch and Snyk.

DevOps Services Company | IT Outposts DevOps Services Company | IT Outposts
These processes permit your company to use an organized system for assembling, analyzing and utilizing information to monitor program development for management solution making.

Infrastructure Provisioning

Terraform, AWS Cloudformation and others

DevOps Services Company | IT OutpostsDevOps Services Company | IT Outposts
This setting helps to create, apply, administrate and automate infrastructure. These tools are needed when managing access to information and resources. This process is not a configuration step, but they are both necessary deployment steps.

Whats in the managed IT services

At the dynamic pace of IT elaboration, annexes, networks and business processes require high standards for infrastructure, employees and company structure. To achieve significant success in the market and obtain high competitiveness, our managed IT services firm offers a modern approach to remote management of your enterprise systems.

Scheduled tasks for setting up the infrastructure

This setting determines which accounts can save data in RAM, is responsible for data security on servers, installs an automatic file copy system and implements IaaS for customers who want to get rid of the need to maintain their own local data centers. We correctly configure traffic using routing in the corporate network. We configure DNS settings for the remote access and certification server, increasing the speed of disk operations.


The focus of this technique is to provide a consistent and automated way to build, package, and test annexes. And delivery automates the deployment of applications to various environments, since most work with a production environment and with development and test. It is an elaboration methodology based on regulated processes and automation. With small changes, it is easier to identify defects and various problems.

Preparing a Proof of Concept

This is the testing we do to ensure that a product or idea can be brought to commercialisation. This is the technology our team uses to confirm that the implementation will work as planned. It also helps to reduce potential crashes later in elaboration. Start Ups and enterprises typically start with a PoC to convince all stakeholders of the value of the solutions.


As a managed IT services provider, we ease the burden of dealing with the complex nature of your IT infrastructure so you can focus on growing your business. This MSP approach leaves the management of work operations to our specialists, or you selectively define the functions that we need to monitor and ensure business continuity. Outsourced managed IT services give you access to excellence and important technical experts to complete your projects on time, on all deadlines.

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There are great prospects for your firm in contacting a managed IT service company. We have developed a strategy to attain peak results, reduce your costs and decrease downtime. Your enterprise IT managed get an evaluation and an ideal treatment to the outlooks for the elaboration of your business.Successful cloud migration is about knowledge of cloud technologies and a connection with the study of understandable technologies and practices.

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FAQ - Cloud Assessment

What is a managed IT service model?

This is a kind of transfer of responsibility from one company for managing its processes to another, which is an IT professional. In this model, the provider deals with all technological aspects.

What is the difference between MSP and MSSP?

MSP works on demand when a specific event occurs and provides generic support. The MSSP excels in planning its response to incidents and delivery of services. He has a focus on infrastructure cybersecurity.

What is MSP in cyber security?

This provider eliminates flaws and vulnerabilities, and creates preventive measures even before they are used.

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