Cloud Security Assessment

Bionicfox offers a range of top-of-the-line cloud security assessment services that streamline and reinforce cloud data protection by going in-depth, mending flaws, and setting up sturdy cybersecurity mechanisms. We deliver timely insights and indicate the most error-prone parts of your cloud environment to achieve long-term sturdy security.


Technology Stacks we use

At the beginning of the use of cloud platforms, moments with the transfer of the infrastructure and its individual components are identified. To facilitate the migration, there is a list of services that help with the migration of almost any data.


We are Highly Specialised in cloud security

We deliver timely insights and indicate the most error-prone parts of your cloud environment to achieve long-term sturdy security. For this, we provide a range of services.

DevOps security measures

We introduce security automation, inspection, standardization, and prioritization into your existing or to-be-launched DevOps workflow in order to reinforce the overall cloud protection on multiple levels. Our cloud security assessment effort may cover your CI/CD chain of processes and a comprehensive way to identify, classify, and analyse errors and risks via a convenient set of tools.

In-depth cloud inspection

Taking cloud architecture assessment up a level, we have experienced specialists that launch a full-on forensic investigation of your cloud infrastructure. Detailed analysis of individual elements and surroundings they run in allows predicting and preventing potential cyber-assaults by getting to their roots and understanding causes and motives - the ultimate way to predict and eliminate threats.

Prioritisation of threats

We have to approach your cloud security from multiple angles in order to get a truly full picture of your infrastructure specifics and classify both existing and potential threats. Cloud environments are quite flexible in operation yet this also makes it harder to pinpoint subtle cybersecurity nuances. This is why we start with possible cloud hosting vulnerabilities and go from there stage-by-stage.

Compliance with generally accepted network security standards

If your business requires a special approach to network security, just contact us. We organise end-to-end control around the entire network perimeter to ensure that it is free of viruses and other malware, as well as to exclude phishing attacks and similar hacking tricks that can provoke the leakage of user data.

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To make a conscious choice whether to move to the cloud, you need to evaluate all the steps. This is the definition of costs and risks, migration, optimization for your business. The right way to do this is an assessment cloud.

Successful cloud migration is about knowledge of cloud technologies and a connection with the study of understandable technologies and practices.

Let’s find out what benefits customers get when they turn to our cloud security assessment services.

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We would pick the best way to move your app on to the cloud and get up to speed with your competitors.

FAQ - Cloud Assessment

What is a cloud readiness assessment?

Cloud readiness assessment is the process of validating apps and data to define whether it can be transferred to the cloud with minimal disruption to ongoing operations. Helps remove the negative impact on business continuity. It helps you understand the steps for a smooth migration.

When do I need cloud assessment services?

When you want to completely outsource the process to a specialized company. These services are also essential if you want to delve deeper into a topic. Success requires a complete understanding of processes. To understand which infrastructure is more suitable: local or in the cloud.

Main risks of cloud assessment

Despite all the benefits, moving to the cloud still presents challenges. Often in cross-platform and multi-site structures, IT professionals find it difficult to make the transition to the cloud model painless and comfortable for business. Some application components stay on-premise, while others move to the cloud, creating a hybrid infrastructure. The problem becomes the effectiveness of managing fundamental changes in the creation, deployment and maintenance of applications. Here are the three main problems: Visibility of network operations is limited Malicious software Data loss

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